Cracked or broken screen? Scratched or bent casing? Display with spots, dead pixels or even damaged? No problem is too difficult for us! Using the latest technology, and high-quality parts, and paying attention to every detail, any phone that passes through our service will look like new.

Display refurbishment

Scratched, dented or broken displays become a memory, thanks to the replacement service that will bring each screen back to life.

Casing refurbishment

Your phone's casing can get damaged over time due to lack of protection, drops or frequent use. With our premium methods, we restore every phone to its original condition without the need to replace it.

Înlocuire sticlă

Replacing the glass (front, back or both) is an operation that our specialists perform to the highest standards. Your phone will look like new in a time that is comfortable for you.

Protective film

Nu doar cu efect protector pentru ecran, ci și pentru ochii tăi, foliile GSM Company reprezintă una dintre cele mai utile și ieftine metode pentru a menține atât telefonul, cât și privirea, în condiții de maximă siguranță.

Phone refurbishment

Although it may seem like a demanding and time-consuming process, our refurbishment experts are ready to refurbish and restore even the most damaged mobile devices.

Înlocuire display

One of our most in-demand services, and the spearhead of our offering, display replacement is the essence of what makes us unique in the market, because the techniques and parts used are of the highest quality.

Înlocuire baterie

Your phone goes dead after a few hours of use, but you're not ready to give it up? No problem, we have the solution. Replacing a battery has never been easier or cheaper.